A Note from Martin –


In this fast moving environment I apologise if this further update contradicts some of our previous messages. Our whole focus has been on the wellbeing of our people and looking after our partners – customers and suppliers. Thank you for working with us in this rapidly changing environment.

As previously mentioned our London Offices closed last Wednesday and our inspirational team have embraced being a virtual business. Technology has held up well and we found that we can achieve probably 95% of what we were able to do when in the office. Spirits are high and we feel that we will actually emerge from this crisis as a closer and stronger team.

However, in the immediate term our UK and European warehouse has closed. This means that we are unable to supply product for the next few weeks. Officially the warehouse is now closed for 3 weeks but we have taken the decision to start supplying again on 27th April. We hope that is a realistic date with a margin for delays which will mean we will not let you down. If we can bring your orders forward, of course we will. I hope you will agree that setting a realistic date will help you to plan. If this adds to an already difficult situation, do please let us know. We will keep a list of orders to be brought forward if circumstances permit.

We remain open to receive orders and to support all other enquiries. Our whole team are working via skype and we do want to keep in touch with you all, to know how you are doing and to support you in any way that we can.

No doubt we will be communicating again very soon. In the meantime I wish you all the very best – to you, your families and friends. When this has all passed we look forward to even greater engagement and opportunities.


Kind regards,
Martin Colenutt
CBS Managing Director