Oripura Laptop Stand

Perfect for creating an ergonomic workstation anywhere.

Introducing Oripura

Oripura is a uniquely simple and elegant stand for use with any laptop from 11” to 16”, anywhere. It’s portable, foldable and ideal for creating an ergonomic workstation while in the office, working from home or on the go. New colours are now available.

Effective ergonomics

Ergonomic comfort is built into Oripura’s unique design. It tilts the laptop to an angle that provides an easy, clear view of the screen. And by enabling use of a separate keyboard and mouse, as well as allowing for a dual screen set up, eye and back strain, are reduced even more.


Portable and foldable

Remote and adaptable working has never been easier. Lightweight and with a thin profile that folds up effortlessly, Oripura fits easily alongside a laptop in the sleeve of a bag. Or, it can slot neatly in a drawer or be hung on the wall. And set up couldn’t be more simple; the only tools needed are a pair of hands. Oripura folds out to an optimal ergonomic position, meaning there is no user adjustment required.

Uniquely simple and elegant laptop stand.


Technically excellent

Oripura optimises the use of nearby space and technology to work on any surface, anywhere. Its raised angle and open design encourage good airflow to prevent laptops overheating, and with built-in cable management, it helps keeps busy desks neat and tidy. Plus, its hooks can double up as a document holder too.


Robust and sturdy design

With clean, curved edges and a premium finish, Oripura is durable and intuitive to use: it integrates seamlessly into all workspaces. Non-slip rubber elements along the sides and bottom keep laptops stable, and protect desk surfaces from damage.


Designed for life

Oripura is manufactured in the UK and its 5-year warranty means that it has a reliable and extended lifespan. When it does reach the end of its life, its two component materials are 100% recyclable.



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Portable, Foldable Laptop Stand.