Oripura Augmented Reality (AR)

Using an iPhone or iPad click the below QR icon to display Oripura in realtime on your desk / table. iPhone or iPad must be running iOS 12 or later. To access this page on mobile simply scan the below QR code with your iPhone/ iPad.

How to use

To use AR Quick Look, look for the AR symbol in the top right corner of an image AR-QuickLook-Icon. On this page we’re showcasing Oripura – laptop stand. Tap on the symbol to view it in AR (on an iPhone running iOS 12 or later).


If you are met with the rendered visual of Oripura below, simply click AR which brings up the camera interface.


Now tap the area where you want to place Oripura. Once placed you can tap and drag it elsewhere.


When it is placed you can walk around and view it from different angles.

Oripura – Portable, Foldable Laptop Stand