Wishbone Post

A number of standard fixings are available to enable posts, and therefore monitor arms, to be mounted to the desk surface.


The choice of fixing option depends on the desk design and installation restrictions, but each method provides a firm base for any post and monitor arm combination. Bespoke desk fixing solutions are also available on request for more unusual mounting situations.

The iconic Colebrook Bosson Saunders post. Precision machined grooves for different mounting heights. Available in lengths from 100mm (4”) to 700mm (27½”)

Wishbone Post 100mm Silver

Wishbone Post 200mm Silver

Wishbone Post 300mm Silver

Wishbone Post 400mm Silver

Wishbone Post 500mm Silver

Wishbone Post 700mm Silver

Extension Stud (WSH/XSTD)

Wishbone Post Inspiration

CBS founding directors and enthusiastic windsurfers Peter Bosson and Martyn Colebrook used to spend many happy hours on the water. And it was during one of their sessions that Peter developed the concept for the Wishbone Post System, the innovation that changed how screens are supported in the office today.

Noticing that the weight of the sail was loaded onto a rubber ring on the sail’s mast foot, Peter realised the same principle could be applied in the office by mounting a screen to an arm, and then supporting the weight on a height adjustable post.


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Wishbone Posts

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