Last week’s Kurio was a first for us in exploring stop frame animation that produced some amazing, funny, beautifully crafted and poetic clips from our audience.

Great energy on the night and a big thank you to Rueben Derrick for sharing his knowledge. Below are all of the videos from the night, hope you enjoy these as much as we did.

Falling Man
Somersaulting man down slide – reminiscent of Tony Hart (‘Vision On’ – 1960’s).

Poetry ‘in motion’ – would love to see this piece as a short film set to music.

CBS Sneeze
Never was so much fun had stuffing wool up one’s nose – isn’t that what everyone does?

Darth Vader Gets A New Home
Darth Vader collapses in amazement only to realise the house is smaller than him.

Man Diving Into A Wine Glass
Watch this back slowly to see the man moving on the rope in detail – beautiful simply in its execution.

The Day Out
Not so much ‘a walk in the park’ as ‘animation finally triumphs’. Well done – it is a lovely storyline.

Newton’s Apple
Tree grows, flowers bloom and an apple rises in air hitting kite man – very colourful on all levels.

Rest in Plasticine
Great detail and opening scene.

Monkey Business
Love this so much, we could not dismantle it – check out the monkey’s facial expression.Thanks to all our friends in interior design and architecture, stay in touch for news of our 2015 programme that we’re planning for London, Manchester and Edinburgh. For further inspiration and online tutorials go to