During the last week of May the streets of Clerkenwell become even busier and more vibrant than usual. Bustling with visitors, all eager to visit the UK’s leading design event, Clerkenwell Design Week.

Hosted annually, it has become an iconic event in the design calendar, the UK’s answer to Milan, all showcased in the area of London that historically is home to many architects, designers and famous brands of the design world.


As one of the lucky onlookers to the event I had the opportunity to visit some of the showrooms displaying their newest, most revered, and interesting design concepts.

With over 80 showrooms and workshops, the 3 days of the event felt somewhat limited and insufficient to see everything.

Nevertheless, visiting just a fraction of all the exhibitions gave me a good overview and a snapshot of the hottest trends in contemporary design.

Nearly every possible piece of office space and furniture was covered; there were comfy armchairs; sophisticated tables; lush sofas; modern decorations; statement lamps and technology-supporting gadgets.

The Farmiloe Building was filled with interesting design and products; Renault was the main sponsor of the event and displayed their new concept sports cars in front of the entrance to the main building.



Many of the furniture pieces displayed at the event were often pushing boundaries of what is accepted as a norm in typically conservative and traditional office space environment.

Walking through the alleys filled with those furnishings allowed me to discover beautiful creations of designers experimenting with unusual solutions.

Avant-garde style was prevalent in many of the pieces that had innovative designs. The pieces were often combined however with simple yet stylish finishes such as wood, soft materials or gentle, warm colours.


Some of the items were quirky to the point of puzzling, for example the Spun chair or Puppy seat below from Magis. Their design while aesthetically appealing would be unorthodox in the office environment.

Perhaps serving as a tribute to the artistic and whacky side of design it was rather an art piece than a functional furniture appliance.



Spanning from the American visual arts in the early 60s and 70s, minimalism spread out across various disciplines settling itself steadily in furniture and interiors design sector.

Minimalistic trend was very popular at the Clerkenwell Design Week, using predominantly black, white and grey colours and very simple finishes it supported once more its signature mantra of “more is less”.



A proud representative of the minimalistic trend was CBS’ very own Cubert lamp, combining an LED light with 2 power sockets and 2 USBs that allow versatile application both at home, office and in other public space areas.

Cubert is currently available with European Schuko socket, UK socket version of Cubert will be available to order in mid-July 2015.

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Natural materials and resources are making a comeback, such as real timber wood and natural textile finishes.

This trend visibly came through in raw big block tables, simple wooden benches and cabinets, leather chairs and soft cotton curtains.



Being a newcomer to the industry allowed me to recognise some of the well-known brands that I was already familiar with as a consumer and explore up-and-coming or previously unknown to me companies and products.

As somewhat of a fan of the brand, I was in awe of this Bo Concept armchair, it was stylish, comfortable and contemporary.

With the brown leather finish it would fit right into a funky, modern office or a personal living space at home where it would serve as a statement furniture piece.


Office ergonomics is an important element of the exhibition where design meets everyday functionality. Many brands unveiled their products and amongst them monitor arms, CPU Holds, Mounts and Stands. Healthy posture is always a focus area at events featuring office furniture to bring attention to the health and wellbeing of its users.


CBS’ award-winning Flo arm was featured in many of the showrooms participating at the event.

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