Technology is radically impacting various areas of our everyday lives such as education, communication, play or work. It continuously simplifies the most complicated operations by reducing them to the click of a button which enables us to become increasingly efficient.

At the same time, the computers that we use have become portable allowing us to be more agile and flexible particularly in the workplace environment.

This remarkable technology shift has influences large organisations in finding ways to adapt to mobile working by employing agile solutions. Many companies have revolutionised their workplace policies allowing staff to move around freely with their laptops for the purpose of hot-desking, company meetings, using company’s interactive spaces and even home-working.



Since the early days of CBS in the 1990s when one of the CBS founders Peter Bosson worked on research projects with an Italian computer manufacturer Olivetti; he aimed to design world leading ergonomic solutions centred on the users’ needs. CBS has been applying these principles ever since; keeping at the forefront of their customers’ health, wellbeing and productivity.

This wealth of experience means that today CBS can provide the most innovative designs that include a range of solutions supporting portable technology combining flexibility, modern aesthetics and office ergonomics.

CBS Laptop Stand

The CBS Laptop Stand is a product that has been designed for users on the move, such as senior management travelling for business, individuals working remotely, staff that frequently go into the meetings, or salespeople who meet their clients in various locations.



Working on a laptop for a prolonged period of time can trigger a hunched position putting an immense amount of pressure on an individual’s spine.

This happens because monitor position is too low and keyboard is too close to the body.

Therefore, long laptop use can result in many health-related consequences such as spinal injuries, musculoskeletal disorders (MSD), osteoarthritis, sore muscles and blood vessel constrictions.

An employer can also suffer the side effects of the lack of ergonomic planning and a poor workplace posture awareness. MSD is the number one workplace related illness and as such brings negative repercussions for the employer which includes: absenteeism, lack of efficiency and poor productivity, high stress levels and poor health and wellbeing of staff. That in turn has an effect on staff performance and indirectly impacts the company’s economic status.

The CBS Laptop Stand is designed to correct the posture of laptop users, especially when combined with a separate mouse and keyboard; it raises the screen height to an ergonomic position prompting the user to sit with a straight position which enables them to hold a healthy posture.

CBS Laptop Mount

Another CBS solution – The CBS Laptop Mount prompts a semi-mobile usability; it allows an individual to use their laptop used both remotely and in conjunction with a monitor when they are back at their desk.



CBS Laptop Mount is best used as a combination of an award-winning Flo Dual monitor arm with a docking station accessory. This solution is most suitable for individuals who do a lot of work ‘on-the-go’ whilst also having a static fixed workstation that they can go back to. That allows them to carry their laptop with them and work remotely if required and have the option of returning to their desk to work in a stationary position.


In addition to that, removing the laptop form the desk can create extra space keeping the desk area neat and tidy and giving space for a keyboard or mouse.

CBS Laptop Mount combined with Flo Dual Monitor Arm

Combining CBS Laptop Mount together with Flo Dual is easy and provides an all-round ergonomic solution that is flexible and can be adjusted to suit the individual’s height and preferences for optimal set up and performance.

Position and orientation can be adjusted at ease thanks to a smooth movement which is achieved through its unique design and Flo Spring Technology that was developed in-house by CBS.

This remarkable commitment to development and innovation has been recognised by industry experts multiple types by awarding CBS with Red Dot Award for product design, FX International Interior Design Award, Cradle to Cradle Silver certification, FIRA for Ergonomics Excellence and a NeoCon Silver award.

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