Announcing the winners

We would like to thank everyone who participated in our Oripura design competition. We have received so many great designs over the weeks and it’s clear that the creativity juices have definitely been flowing!

We would like to announce that the winner of the competition with their droid inspired creation. Congratulations on receiving 1st place with this amazing design.

The winner submitted a very creative design with outstanding originality and aesthetics. The glow in the dark ink colours were a nice touch and we think it was genius how the two droids appear to be carrying the weight of the laptop when the Oripura is folded as a laptop stand. At the center of the design is an orb that supplies power for the droids so they can continue to carry the weight and for us this represents the seamless connection of people and technology, which aligns with CBS’s mission statement.

‘We strive for new ways to enhance user experience through the seamless connection of people and technology’.

The second place winner was a ship at sea inspired theme and we really like the illustration style of the drawing and how the design stands out in every used angle of the laptop stand.

The third place winner was from the UK to the world inspired creation, the attention to detail in this drawing was great and it was nice to see a global connection on the drawing showing the world as united and connected.

We would also like to highlight the below Oripura designs as honourable mentions. In no particular order.

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1st Prize 01 v2
1st Prize 02 v2
2nd prize 02 v2
3rd Prize 02 v2
Insta Honorable Mentions-

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