Lima Laptop Mount

Introducing Lima Laptop Mount


Healthier Workplace Ergonomics

Lima Laptop Mount integrates seamlessly with Lima monitor arm to raise laptops off the desk, automatically creating healthier workplace ergonomics and freeing up valuable desk space too.

Flexible working for laptop users

Whether a single or double screen set-up is needed, Lima Laptop Mount makes it possible, and comfortable. Ideal for mobile or hybrid workers who want to use their laptop as a secondary screen, it’s perfect when matched with any monitor up to 27” and can support any laptop up 2.8kg (6.2lbs).

Ensure good ergonomics

Using a laptop doesn’t have to be back breaking and neck aching. Not with Lima Laptop Mount. By raising laptops to eye height and enable external keyboard and mouse use, it improves posture and reduces eye, neck and back strain. And when working ergonomics improve, so do long-term efficiency and productivity.

Sleek and sophisticated design

Easy on the back, easy on the eye. With a powder-coated aluminium base, thin profile and clean, curved edges Lima Laptop Mount is sleek and stylish. This is a truly premium laptop mount that integrates elegantly into any workplace setting.

Environmentally-friendly design

Lima Laptop Mount has been specifically designed to use minimal materials. Because it’s so lightweight, the environmental impact of shipping and storage are reduced. It’s built to last, with a 12-year warranty, and at the end of its life it can be disassembled into different recyclable parts.

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Lima Laptop and Mount

Lima Laptop Mount integrates seamlessly with Lima monitor arm.