AR App – Frequently Asked Questions

‘CBS Dynamics’ gives users the ability to display CBS’ (core) suite of on-desk monitor arms and laptop mount; in real-time and at actual size.

The tool is primarily aimed at gaining an insight into how our products will fit into any workplace at differing screen sizes.

It also provides end-users with an enhanced understanding of the benefits and allows users to purchase from the webstore through dynamic links.

Our products available at launch are:

  • Lima
  • Oripura
  • Monto
  • Lima Dual
  • Ollin Single
  • Flo Single
  • Flo Modular Dual
  • Wishbone Single

The App is available in the following languages;

Global English






You can see monitor sizes of 22″, 24″ & 27″ in single, dual and triple monitor displays.