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Two Screens, Four Steps and One Happy Body

August 18, 2020
Two Screens, Four Steps and One Happy Body

Two screens or not two screens? That is the question. Considering studies have shown that people who use two computer monitors can be up to 43% more productive*; the answer’s yes. Definitely two screens.

Just like with single monitor use, it’s important to create the right ergonomic setup when using two monitors. Failing to do this means the outcomes of your increased productivity will most likely include back pain and eye strain.

So it’s worth investing in dual monitors, and it’s also definitely worth investing in the following advice to configure them.

1.    Poised for success

Posture is the foundation of comfort. When you’re sitting down, your back should be engaged with the lower part of your chair, your feet should be planted firmly on the ground and your forearms should always be resting on your desk at a 90° angle to your upper arms. If you’re standing, your arms should be in that same 90° position, and make sure you’re standing up straight.

2.    On the main screen

Once you’ve found a comfortable posture, move your monitors accordingly. In a dual monitor setup, the primary screen should be the one you actively use, and the secondary screen should be used for reference.

3.    Play mat and mouse

Now you’re in the right place and your monitors are too, make sure your mouse is pointed towards your main screen and isn’t too far away from you. Keep it out of the ‘far reach zone’, which opens the elbow angle out towards 180° and causes repetitive stress injuries.

4.    Adjust the two of us

It’s time for the final height adjustments. Your main monitor should be at eye level and square in front of your body, with your secondary monitor parallel to it. Neck and eye strain will now be successfully avoided.


Stephen Packwood
Stephen Packwood

Human centred design,is at the heart of everything we do.

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