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World’s first 100% recyclable folding laptop stand wins good design award

October 9, 2022
World’s first 100% recyclable folding laptop stand wins good design award


After years of research, development and testing, CBS has developed a product designed for both ergonomic and environmental benefits. It is a direct response to today’s mobile workforce who are environmentally conscious and require flexible, portable remote working solutions. Its feature highlights include:

• Product design that is created for longevity: with a five-year guarantee and product testing to last thousands of cycles.
• A design that is entirely recyclable and made using polyolefins. It can be recycled without disassembly, and arrives in packaging that is also 100% recyclable.
• An easy-assemble design that means manufacturing is kept in the UK—reducing the carbon footprint needed for transportation.

A product of innovation, developers tested and retested using 100s of prototypes to perfect its unique design that outperforms both ergonomically and environmentally: “To begin with, we made card models. Because we could make them easily, we could learn fast from every failure and design new concepts. The next stage was to make more refined prototypes with foam board, which gave us a clearer idea of how the final product would function. And, because we were designing with user experience in mind, we invited people to test our samples along the way to help us refine our ideas.”

The result? A uniquely simple and elegant laptop stand that complements today’s environmentally-conscious remote workforce with an affordable price tag to ensure its accessibility.


Stephen Packwood
Stephen Packwood

Human centred design,is at the heart of everything we do.

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