CBS and BenQ have partnered in Hong Kong

Colebrook Bosson Saunders (CBS) and BenQ have partnered for the first time ever to provide a special bundle of desktop monitor products. The world-leading product designer and ergonomic solutions provider, and the award-winning technology products manufacturer have joined forces to provide the ultimate workspace wellness option in Hong Kong.

POSH Hong Kong

Modern life, and the changes that have taken place in 2020 due to global health events, mean that many of us now spend even more time working and relaxing in front of computer monitors at home. The exclusive bundle, which is expected to be on offer for a limited time of three months, combines a BenQ monitor and CBS monitor arm for complete user comfort.


When customers purchase CBS products in a POSH shop, they will receive a voucher for selected BenQ monitors. CBS’ hero monitor arm Flo comes with a 800 HKD BenQ voucher, and flagship monitor arm Ollin comes with one for 950 HKD.


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The right set-up


Creating the right set-up for monitor use is essential for workspace health and wellness. A CBS white paper highlighted the prevalence of ‘Computer Vision Syndrome’ (CVS) according to the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety. CVS is an affliction caused by factors including inadequate lighting, poor sitting posture and extended use of a screen or device. Studies in Hong Kong and India also found that a high percentage of computer users reported sore, irritated and watery eyes after prolonged screen time. By teaming up to provide a complete monitor set-up, BenQ and CBS look forward to providing an affordable and effective solution for the people of Hong Kong.


CBS enhances personal wellness and productivity by responding to ergonomic needs in the workplace. It’s a leader in human-oriented design and has received over 30 industry awards including five ‘Red Dots’ and six ‘Best of NeoCon’. BenQ’s products include flicker-free technology that allows monitor use without compromising on eye health or display quality, and low blue light technology that prevents eye damage by filtering the most dangerous part of the blue light spectrum emitted by monitors.