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CBS offers a variety of quad monitor arms, designed to support multiple monitors effortlessly. Elevate your efficiency and comfort, to help prevent hunched backs and craning necks, as well as eye strain. Shop our adjustable, space-saving VESA compatible arms tailored for seamless multitasking today!

Single Dual Multi Screen Curved & Wide Laptop Tablet Triple Heavy

6 products

6 products

  • Flo X Multi Flo X Multi

    Flo X Multi

    ab €758

    Der äußerst ergonomische Ständer für Groß- und Mehrfachbildschirme

      • 3-16kg
      • Dual
      • Triple
  • Flo Modular Flo Modular

    Flo Modular

    ab €479

    The leading monitor arm in Single, Dual, Triple or Quadruple setups.

      • 3-9 KG
      • 6.6-19.8lbs
      • Dual
      • Triple
      • Quadruple
  • Ollin Dual Ollin Dual

    Ollin Dual

    ab €339

    Kosteneffizient und zukunftssicher.

      • 0-9 kg
      • Single
      • Dual
  • Wishbone Wishbone


    ab €362

    Ein klassisches Design. Das Erste und Originale.

      • 0-12KG
      • Single
      • Dual
      • Four Screens
  • Wishbone Plus Wishbone Plus

    Wishbone Plus

    ab €483

    Ein beeindruckendes Upgrade des Design-Klassiker.

      • 0-24KG
      • 0-52.8lbs
  • Wishbone Dual Bar

    Wishbone Dual Bar

    ab €388

    Simple and cost effective dual screen solution

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