“I’m personally very excited to see the years of research, hard work, and design innovation that’s been invested in these new developments, culminating in the upcoming CBS ‘Design Series’ of new product launches…

All of these products have been developed in house, ground up from initial insight and research through to final testing and engineering details for mass production.

Through research and identifying opportunities, we developed these products to answer not only the requirements of the traditional office but also around differing work types._They also all support either our existing product portfolio or add a completely new direction for CBS and our customers.

From a sustainable perspective we have ensured our products offer longevity and they are designed and engineered to last. We have also continued to expand our environmental impact by removing single use plastic packaging from all of these new product launches.

I’m especially proud of the whole team involved in design/development and bringing these to market, especially in such challenge’s circumstances. This demonstrates our commitment and focus towards innovative products that answer real user problems in new ways through ‘Seamlessly connecting people and technology’.