“I have what I consider a special dual role, not only because I am part of two teams, Product Management and Marketing, but also because while being a member of the CBS team, I am located in the US and work from home on a permanent basis supporting the Latin American markets”.

People Behind the Products: Luisa Escobar (Ollin & Lima Laptop Mounts).

For the last 3 and a half years Luisa has been representing CBS in Latin America, working a dual role as both a Product Manager and Regional Marketing Manager.

Outside of work Luisa is passionate about many things, “One of them, my culture. As a Colombian from the region of the ‘salsa’ music, I feel passionate about dancing and even singing this enthusiastic rhythm. I always think salsa music is the best way to cheer you up whenever you want to lift your spirit. I am also an animal lover from the bottom of my heart with a special passion about dachshunds (the sausage dogs). Being mom of one, I have developed a healthy obsession about these cute, funny beings to the point that I have become a collector of dachshund-themed art that I (and my husband) display all over the house”.

Luisa’s role at CBS and in the creation of the Ollin and Lima Laptop Mounts

“I started at CBS in London back in 2016. I left the company for one year when I moved to the USA as my husband got a job opportunity in Alabama. As part of the immigration process, I was not able to work but I had the opportunity to pursue a Masters degree in Marketing. Later in 2017, I re-joined the company and it’s been 3.5 uninterrupted years since then”.


“In my role, I provide support in the development of a product throughout its different stages, from design to commercialization, including the creation of technical literature, introductory bulletins, pricing, stock planning. I’m also responsible for providing ongoing product training to internal teams as well as external audiences including dealers, A&Ds and end customers. I also create the necessary programs, product feature summaries and competitive evaluations to support the sales process. Within the marketing aspect of my role, I create and execute strategies and tactics to promote the products across the Latin American regions as well as identify market opportunities for growth. As part of my role, I respond to field product inquiries and provide recommendations to support strategic sales opportunities”.

Ollin and Lima Laptop Mounts

“I joined the project of Laptop Mounts and Oripura a bit further in the development process. I was able to provide my input in several aspects though, including the coordination of preview stock and first stock quantities across global regions, preparation of product literature such as instructions, specification sheets, introductory bulletins, environmental data. And most recently, I was able to provide the initial product training presentation and hands-on demonstration to the global sales teams”.


Overcoming Challenges

“One of the biggest challenges was the developing of the products during the pandemic. On one hand, the team was not able to physically meet on a regular basis to discuss the progress, inspect physical samples, etc. Instead, prototypes and product samples had to be shipped across team members houses, slowing down the whole process. In addition, some of the team members had to go on furlough while the company was trying to manage the impact of the whole situation. Once all of these challenges were overcome, the preparation of a virtual training was also an added challenge that required some creativity in order to get the same results of a physical product training”.


“I am proud of the entire development team who worked so hard to get the Laptop Mounts ready to be launched on time and as planned despite the challenges of the pandemic. Also, I am pleased to see the sales teams so engaged with the product. Their enthusiasm and interest in promoting the laptop mounts feels like one more achievement and makes me realize that the effort I put in communicating its features during the product training sessions was worth it”.


The Finished Product


Like the rest of us at CBS, Luisa is excited to see the launch of the Ollin and Lima Laptop Mounts. We asked her what she thought was the most interesting feature of the new products: “I personally admire the creativity of the designers who managed to integrate the tablet support into a tray that was serving the purpose of Laptop Mounting. It is really interesting to see how an integrated bracket using the force of a spring and the friction of a rubber pad, support a tablet in place even when challenging the gravity in portrait mode. It doesn’t move a single millimetre and I find that very exciting!”


Lift laptops off the desk and free up valuable desk space, while automatically creating healthier workplace ergonomics.