Alex Corrie, Product Designer
Ondo – Connectivity Module

Meet Alex Corrie, one of our innovative Product Designers at CBS London. Alex started his CBS career as an intern three and a half years ago and after completing his first year, permanently joined our Design Team. His role involves coming up with new, advanced concepts to help expand and strengthen the CBS portfolio and keep us as a market leader.

He describes himself as a keen sports person, who plays and coaches hockey and cricket. He adds, “when not playing sport, I am either outdoors on the bike or PC gaming”.


Alex Corrie’s Role in Launching Ondo

One of Alex’s many roles in the launch of Ondo – Connectivity Module was to produce a short animation introducing how easy Ondo is to fit and install. The biggest challenge he faced was working from home and balancing other projects while the animation was rendering out. It was critical to ensure that all the camera angles and pacing of the animation were correct before hitting render. He mentions, “otherwise it was another day’s worth of rendering”.

Alex is most proud of the final look of the animation, describing it as “clean and simple” – a perfect reflection of Ondo itself. As Designer his favourite part of the product is the easy, retrofit ability to existing installation.


The Finished Product



Ondo seamlessly integrates into your CBS monitor arm to offer fast, clutter-free connections between your laptop and the other technology on your desk.