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Outstanding entry level monitor arm.

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  • Supports single or dual screens 0 - 6.5KG
  • 80°/10° Screen Tilt
  • Button Touch Adjustability
  • Black, Silver & White Colours

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Lima leads the way

Easy to install and adjust as either a single or dual screen solution, Lima continues our legacy
of human-focused design. Choose Lima and you choose flexibility and enhanced
functionality for your workspace.

An added advantage

As your workspace needs grow, Lima can too. Adding another monitor is quick and easy to do. Just order another extension arm, and then you can slide it directly on to the post. No tools, and no need to remove the existing arm, screen and cables, which means less hassle for you.

Install with ease

Lima is fast and easy to install. The post and clamp come in one piece, which attaches to the desk using a thumbwheel screw, and the arm then slides into the grooves on the post. And all you need to attach your screen to the VESA mount is a screwdriver.

Adjust so

Lima’s head offers the ability to tilt the screen up to 80⁰ back or 10⁰ forward. This helps you set the screen to your unique specifications, taking in to consideration lighting in your workspace and the increased use of touchscreen devices in the modern workspace.

Thinking inside the box

Lima comprises a clamp, post and arm that arrive in one box, and require minimal tools to install. Ordering is simple and because the complete solution arrives as one, the dispatch process is far more efficient, and less packaging is used. Good for you, and good for the environment.

Tech Specs Technical Drawing Clamps & Fittings

Lima Clamp

Maximum: 40mm
Minimum: 6mm

12 year warranty

All of our products come with a long-life warranty so you can feel confident in the quality of the product.

Plastic free packaging

We're striving to make all of our products as plastic free as possible, to do our part in minimizing our carbon impact.

British Design & Engineering

All of our products are designed and engineered within the UK.

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