Croisieres are one of the leading French travel agencies who specialise in providing travel packages for different cruise providers. Serving customers across France, they offer market leading travel services with their teams of telephone-basedrepresentatives.

Working with dealer, Otherdesign, and architect Christian Curau, Croisieres completed the first of three new facilities in the Gildo Pastor Center located in Monaco, with the second and third locations set to be installed later this year.


The key objective Croisieres wanted to achieve with their new Monaco offices were to streamline their call centre, HR, and management functions by providing them with a space that enabled them to perform their tasks efficiently whilst bringing them together as a team. Working alongside Croisieres, Otherdesign set up a steering committee to ensure that the design of the new space clearly met the needs of Crosieres and their people. A key aspect of this being to maximise the wellbeing of each employee with furniture solutions that encouraged positive ergonomics.


A key consideration in the choice of furniture was the monitor arms used to support Croisieres screen technology. For their Monaco based call centre, Croisieres and Otherdesign decided to use the Colebrook Bosson Saunders Ollin arm with the Dual Bar attachment.


Their choice was down to the control Ollin off ers the person over their screen height and distance, enabling them to adjust their screen with ease based on their own unique requirements. Whilst from a facilities and design perspective, Ollin’s small on desk footprint and ability to support screen weights from 0kg to 9kg, made it the ideal solution to meet both Croisieres ergonomic and IT requirements both today and into the future.


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