Mix Group are one of the leading voices for the UK commercial interiors market, publishing the highly respected Mix Interiors magazine, recognising achievements in the market with their Mixology awards and promoting discussions on the future of industry with their Mix Inspired events.

As Mix’s business has diversified their Manchester space couldn’t keep pace with the needs of the people work there and the tasks they were performing. This prompted a redesign with a clear brief their offices to one that enabled agile and collaborative working, whilst housing the publishing and events arms of the business.


Once completed Mix’s new facility delivered on the requirements of the brief. Offering a multi-functional space that provided a variety of different work settings that supported the different tasks required of the people using it.


Another key objective of the redesign was to improve the well-being of Mix’s people by ensuring the redesigned work settings were planned and supported with furniture that promoted healthy working styles.


Central to this idea was the use a bench installed in the heart of the Mix office designed to be used by those with IT intensive roles in the business. To support the screen technology on this bench Mix chose to use Ollin single monitor arms and Ollin monitor arms combined with the Laptop Mount giving them a flexible, yet easy to adjust solution that could align each screen to meet the needs of the people using them.

David Smalley, Group Director at Mix Group, had this to say about Ollin; “We’ve known about the CBS brand and products from our close relationship with the commercial interiors market. It’s great to use their products in our new space, and with Ollin we have a highly adjustable arm that meets the needs of our team, but also offers our business a platform that will grow as our IT needs evolve.”


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