Travelfusion is the leading online travel content aggregator and innovator of Direct Connect distribution solutions. They are a leading player in key travel distribution initiatives with the aim to help airlines more efficiently merchandise and distribute their content to agents and users.

Travelfusion’s new space, located near Liverpool Street Station, uses an open plan design alongside separate breakout and social spaces to help support their approach to team collaboration and the achievement of their corporate vision.


The previous tenants had been using DAS height adjustable trading desks which travelfusion inherited from them before moving in. This desking was then complemented with CBS Flo arms which acted as the perfect addition to each workstation in the new facility.


Due to the nature of travelfusion’s business most of the roles in their new facility are very IT intensive. So, having the ability to adjust the height of the desks and the position of both primary and secondary monitors promotes positive ergonomics and employee wellbeing in travelfusion’s new facility.

Emma Furey, Admin Assistant at travelfusion explains: “We never intended to install height adjustable desking or considered the benefits of monitor arms for our people. However, when we reviewed them after the old tenant left it was clear that they would help support the vision we had for our new facility. From this we have maintained our relationship with both DAS and CBS to ensure that our furniture continues to grow and support our people and our vision.”


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- Ollin Dual Mount Bar

- Ollin & Jaw

Hoare Lea
- Flo

Willmott Dixon
- Flo Single & Flo Dual