Using a monitor arm offers the user many benefits and is far more than just a solution to getting a screen off a desk.
If we can’t adjust our monitors, we adjust ourselves and our posture to the position of our screen. We hunch. We crane our necks. And in computer intensive roles, we do this for long periods of time. This leads to eye, neck and back strain, which in turn leads to musculoskeletal disorders, time off work, and ultimately a loss in productivity.
This is where an adjustable monitor arm is key. If a person can adjust the height, distance and angle of their monitor it means they can adjust their technology to their own unique requirements. Reducing the occurrence of eye, neck and back strain.

Guidance on setting up your visual display


As humans our eyes ‘scan’ downwards’ so the top of a monitor needs to be aligned with the person’s seated eye height.


The screen should be arm’s length from the person, so they can read the information on the screen reducing eye strain.


Each person will have a different preference to how they want to position their monitor. An adjustable monitor arm empowers them to change the position of their monitor to one they find most comfortable.

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Maintain a healthy work posture and get the most out of your ergonomic investment.


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To reduce the impact of musculoskeletal injuries and the impact of sedentary behaviour the need to deploy ergonomic furniture and wellness initiatives has never been greater. As individuals and companies start to adopt new working styles and furniture solutions, such as sit-stand desking, the connection between the person and their technology can be easily forgotten.