Telecom company T-Mobile transforms employee workspaces in partnership with CBS.

Colebrook Bosson Saunders (CBS) were selected to provide T-Mobile with a standard solution for their back-office employees, that would allow them to effortlessly occupy any workstation. The requirement was that it would be complete with the necessary ergonomic and technological resources they may need to assist with the day to day of their employee’s jobs. Ollin was chosen as a flexible and dynamic monitor arm, complimented with Ondo (our power and connectivity hub) resulting in a flexible workspace that enables employees to effortlessly connect to any workstation whilst maintaining a healthy ergonomic environment.


The project was initiated by T-Mobile’s desire to create flexible hoteling stations where employees could work efficiently and keep their desks neat and tidy. It expanded to include all workstations for employees in back-office roles across the company’s portfolio. CBS was the preferred choice due to our exceptional quality and innovative design, as well as our unwavering commitment towards sustainability and continuous efforts to enhance our environmental initiatives.


Overall, our commitment to providing high-quality, flexible, and affordable products has had a positive impact on T-Mobile employees. We will continue to work closely with our dealers to ensure that we maintain our high standards and continue to meet the evolving needs of our customers. We pride ourselves on the quick and efficient process of working with our dealers, coupled with our expertise in accommodating the unique needs of major corporations like T-Mobile. This sets us apart from competitors, ensuring customer satisfaction and making us a leading provider of high-quality ergonomic solutions.

Carol Reifsnyder, at T-Mobile comments: “The Ondo product has allowed T-Mobile to create a universal monitor solution which has freed up the workspace. Our employees have a variety of laptops makes and models and we are able to use this solution for everyone. It is a simple solution that supports agility across the portfolio. With this solution in place, we can now allow self moves to happen without concerns for technology issues. It’s a home run!”


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