When we designed Monto, we wanted to create something that had never
been done before

Our task was to engineer a portable desk riser that offered maximum stability as well as movement and, as always, excellent ergonomics. Through research we discovered that existing products on the market weren’t portable or flexible enough for the modern workplace. They dictated how you used them, rather than the other way around.

The challenge
We knew Monto had to be free standing, which would make it lighter, meaning it’s easier to both deploy and store.

And it had to be seamlessly adaptable for people of all heights and sizes, while creating a spacious work surface.

Of course, we wanted Monto to be as easy on the eye as it is on the body. It would need to connect seamlessly with its surroundings, whether at your office or in your home.

And naturally, we were committed to designing a product in harmony with the wider environment as well as your more immediate one. Sustainability had to guide the design process from beginning to end.

Experimentation. Innovation. And dedication
To start with, we explored the most user-friendly way to mount a laptop or tablet to one of our existing monitor arms, Ollin.

During the design process, we discovered we would need to use a large and powerful spring to generate lift within the height adjusting mechanism.

Precision was key. We made it just the right size to fully balance the weight of a device and propel it in an upward motion with minimal effort.

Always focused on ergonomics, we engineered levers that made adjustment effortless. The surface is lined with a with soft touch material, and there is an added a front-edge waterfall slope to help reduce stress on your wrists while you type, creating a stylish, slim aesthetic.

Despite the complex mechanisms inside Monto that make it easy to use and create structural integrity, we designed efficiently to reduce its overall footprint on the desk and minimise bulkiness.

With sustainability in mind, we chose traceable materials that don’t contain any banned elements.
And looking further to the future, we considered the life cycle of the product.

By making it easy to assemble and disassemble, it can be separated into individual parts for recycling at the end of its lifetime.

The end result
Designing and engineering Monto provided a unique challenge for our team. Our success means there are no challenges for you when you use it.

Monto is a unique, effortlessly adjustable ergonomic sit/stand solution that fits seamlessly into the modern workspace, wherever that may be.


Monto Sit-Stand