From the early beginnings Colebrook Bosson Saunders have always had a focus on encouraging integration within their communities and clients offering opportunities for their Architect and Designer guests to take part in different creative initiative and workshops.

In 2014 this was formalised into a brand known as Kurio, the name was derived from the word Curiosity and aimed to offer a platform where our creative clientele could participate in a range of different creative sessions which aimed to allow them to take a break from the high stress environments which they are exposed to daily as well as allowing them to engage with their fellow creatives in a neutral environment. Not to mention adding to their already impressive skillset and sometimes rejuvenating some past interests they may have had and some new ones, one of the compliments we have heard on more than one occasion is the connections and friendships which have blossomed from the introductions made in some of our events.


Over the years we have successfully hosted a range of sessions from the Japanese paper folding artform of Origami, through to precision and grace of Calligraphy as well as the technical know how and creative journey that is night time photography. The events of the last year have certainly reshaped the way we all do business as well as our personal lives and we know that the activities we created were missed and would have been a welcome relief to the repetitive loop we have all felt the effects of, during this time we have looked at other ways in which we could help our communities and share our knowledge. That is why we have taken the decision to expand the Kurio brand and add a research component called Kurio Live where we will offer our shared knowledge on relevant and current trends which effect our industry as well as share insight into the focus we are looking at as a business.

Kurio Events will become our trade name for our much loved creative workshop sessions and we will look to open that up and restart those great initiatives as soon as restrictions will allow, in the meantime check what we have on offer on our Kurio Live page and stay tuned to see other great programmes we have in store.

Kurio – Curiosity and Insights

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