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Luke Strater

A born and bred South African having grown up in the scenic natural beauty that is Cape Town, outdoor life always featured high up on my list of priorities taking any opportunity available to get out into nature and recharge. Of course this meant as many braai’s (the SA version of a BBQ in the UK) as the season would allow for and many out of season too as well as lots of Biltong (a form of dried, cured meat, sometimes compared to Beef Jerky but much better) and sunshine.

Mountain biking and anything on two wheels has been a passion for a long time and most weekends were filled with adventures along winding trails wrapping in-between vineyards and down the sloped mountainsides of Table Mountain and the Stellenbosch region.

Spending time with family and travelling has always been something I have enjoyed and have been lucky enough to travel though the UK and across Europe from an early age and able to get a feel for the country which I would later be lucky enough to call home. Having been raised in a family where my Father being a Mechanical Engineer and Mother with a background in Fine Art, design and a fascination with how things worked interested me from a very early age until I later decided to peruse this and study Industrial/Product design after finishing school.

June of 2013 saw me getting married to my then long-time girlfriend of 9 years and the next few years would be filled with many milestones and achievements that would have life changing effects. In the beginning of 2014 after many years of work experience in various design and manufacturing fields I took the exciting as well as frightening decision to start my own design agency, Whaam Concepts, with two other business partners.


In 2016 I welcomed the birth of my first child, my son Thomas, and in the Autumn of 2018 made the decision with my young family to relocate to the UK and shortly thereafter began my journey with CBS products as their A&D representative and Technical Consultant. Having been lucky enough to travel to the UK over the years I had already fallen in love with the picturesque landscapes of the Scottish Highlands and more recently Lake District and coastal Cornwall, although becoming accustomed to the single track country lanes and the rules of who decides to give way was certainly an experience to say the least. Always being interested in how people interact with one another and their environments and coming from a design background where problem solving is second nature it was a natural fit to explore the ways in which our generation is evolving and adapting to the way in which we work and the types of work activities which we do along with the ever changing technologies which make this possible.


Luisa Escobar

For the last 4 years, I have been representing CBS in Latin America, working in a dual role as both Product Manager and Regional Marketing Manager. After graduating with a degree in Industrial Engineering in Colombia, and having worked in the automotive industry, I moved to London to pursue a Master’s Degree in International Business.

London was very kind to me. On the professional side, it gave me the opportunity to meet CBS and their wonderful people. And on the personal side, London introduced me to my amazing husband! Later, I moved to Alabama in the USA where I currently reside. Moving overseas, however, did not take me away from CBS: – I am very thankful for the opportunities that technology and globalisation has brought to our daily lives, as I was able to continue my role at CBS, as a full-time WFH team member.

Outside of work I am passionate about many things, one of them, my culture. As a Colombian from the region of the ‘salsa’ music, I grew up listening to salsa and watching people dance on any occasion. I simply don’t remember when or how I learned to dance salsa, it just happened so naturally! I always say that dancing salsa is the best way to lift your spirit.

I consider myself an animal lover from the bottom of my heart. I have a miniature wirehaired dachshund called Matilda and we enjoy the time outdoors hiking together with my husband, Sebastian.


Kurio – Curiosity and Insights

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