The brief for Cubert was to develop a new desktop power solution to support the increasing number of mobile devices being used in the workplace.

From the initial brief of creating a desktop power module came the idea of reducing the number of products on the desk by incorporating both desktop power with a desktop lamp. The benefits to the user being the ability to recharge their tech with ease, and then when required a light help reduce eyestrain when undertaking focused tasks.

In the design and development of Cubert CBS went over and above the electrical certification requirements to ensure the user had the best possible experience when using the product. Furthermore, by combining two full sized power sockets alongside two USB charging points in such a small footprint posed a huge number of challenges throughout the design process. These were elegantly solved with the resulting compact cube that sits at the heart of Cubert.
Highly unique and versatile, Cubert offers both a lighting and a charging point connecting users and their technology in a variety of different settings – from desktop, to library to bedside table.


Personal power and LED desk lighting