We’re delighted to announce that Lima has won a Red Dot 2020 for Product Design – the most prestigious of International Awards.

Celebrating design and innovation


This win is CBS’ fifth Red Dot Award – joining the likes of Ollin and Flo – a fantastic reflection on CBS’ commitment to design and innovation. This year the Red Dot judges received over 6,500 entries from over 60 different countries, so the fact Lima has won this award bears testimony to CBS’ design excellence.


Statement by the Red Dot Jury on Lima:
“The Lima monitor arm impresses with its user-friendly construction and can therefore be adapted perfectly to
individual needs.”

About the Red Dot


The Red Dot Award was founded in 1955 and is considered to be the most valuable award for design excellence. In addition, it is the biggest design competition in the world and this year the jury received over 6,500 submissions from over 60 countries. The Red Dot evaluation process is based on various judging criteria which are constantly adapted to new technical, social, economic and ecological requirements. The judging criteria include amongst others:


Degree of innovation

Ecological compatibility



Formal quality


Symbolic and emotional content

Product periphery

Self-explanatory quality


The Red Dot Jury comprises some 40 international experts. They test, discuss and evaluate each entry individually, live and on site. The submissions are not compared with each other but are assessed individually. While the set-up of the jury changes annually, one element remains the same: All members commit to the “Code of Honour”, which states that jurors cannot participate in the adjudication of products they were involved in.

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About Lima


Utilising a composite polymer to deliver maximum performance at an affordable price, Lima is a world first in monitor arm technology. Through innovative material selection, reduced environmental impact and conforming to our strict cycle testing policy, Lima achieves the same level of usability and quality CBS are renowned for. This composite polymer requires less energy to manufacture, less post-processing to reach the desired finish, and still offers the level of quality we pride ourselves on.


Lima offers full ergonomic positioning with the patented and user-friendly push-button mechanism that encourages user interaction & converting to dual screen is quick and easy with no need to remove the existing arm.

Lima is 100% recyclable and backed by a lifetime warranty, unlike many entry level monitor arms. We pride ourselves on leading the way in designing the new and Lima continues this legacy. From a patented, intuitive and user-friendly push-button mechanism that encourages user interaction, to an industry first in the use a composite polymer in its construction.