Our challenge was to develop Colebrook Bosson Saunders’ first spring powered
monitor arm

Offering the user a refined and compact aesthetic that drove a higher performance from fewer parts. Flo has been hugely successful in connecting people to the technology they use through its intuitive movement, fluid controls and visual elegance.

“The initial thought was, we have a spring, how can we embrace that force. How can we design something around that shape to make it as clean as possible? – So you will see all the layers, it’s kind of like an onion. It’s built around a spring”.- Alex L, CBS Senior Product Designer
A spring within a dynamic arm
Side profile of Flo's D ring
The innovation in Flo starts from the single joint head, to the D-ring which uses a virtual pivot point based on a monitor’s centre point and weight to hold the position of the screen. And continues into the visual indicator which helps the installer to set the tension of the arm to match the weight of the screen – Flo sets the market benchmark for the design, functionality, and usability of all other dynamic monitor arms in the market.
Every element in Flo has been designed to have dual purpose, meaning that Flo can deliver better performance from less material. From this design approach, the unique shape of Flo came into being as the round spring power source was used to drive the shape of the tubular form that housed it – resulting in less waste as structural and power elements complemented each other.
A Prototype and sketches


The world’s leading monitor arm