Brief and Initial Concepts

When developing and designing new products CBS have an in-house Design team who are connected with the rest of the organisation to understand the latest market trends.
In 2012 we identified as a result of market research and feedback from the wider CBS organisation, an opportunity to develop a new dynamic monitor arm which had to achieve four key objectives:

1. Create less waste and have a smaller environmental impact when manufactured

2. Accommodate the trend towards lighter and more mobile technology supporting a weight range from 1 to 9kg

3. Utilise a ‘system approach’ enabling the arm to be updated as and when the needs of the user change

4. Offer a smoother ‘action’ for the user when adjusting the positon of their screen, laptop or tablet


Smooth, dynamic movement

Ollin’s smooth articulation and responsive movement gives users fingertip control of their screens. This ease of adjustment naturally invites better posture: because it’s so easy to move the screen to exactly the right position, users do it without even noticing.


Stay in touch

Touch screens have revolutionised how we use computers, and contact with monitors now needs to be constant and intuitive to optimise their functionality and enhance a user’s options.  Ollin’s low-to-desk geometry and improved backwards tilt make touch screen use effortlessly effective.


Fingertip portrait to landscape screen rotation

With minimal effort and no effect on
stability, the screen can be rotated from
portrait to landscape and vice versa.

Leading the way in innovation and design

Effective, simple cable management helps avoid clutter. And while the arm can accommodate a variety of monitors and has a market leading range of extension, its compact footprint means it’s not visible behind the screen. Users can focus on what they’re doing, not how they’re doing it.


Easy cable management system

Integrated into a 3-point format to
creates a neat and tidy workstation


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Ollin – A fresh perspective

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