When we started to design Ollin we had a unique set of objectives to achieve;

Produce an arm that was easy to move, had a large range of motion, and encouraged user interaction and adjustment. Coupled with the ability to support the market trend for lighter screens – with a weight range of 1 – 9kg – and with low desk geometry for touch screen working. This new arm had to be a future proofed solution that could accommodate both the technology of today, and the technology of the future without forcing the user to replace the entire arm.

Inspired by the see-saw balancing principle and knowing that spring technology would not support this weight spectrum a new power source had to be developed – the technical cord, a world first for dynamic monitor arms.

Using a standard bungee cord as the starting point the final material for Ollin’s technical cord was an elastomer polymer that generated less waste, was fully recyclable at the end of its lifetime, and could support weights from 0 to 9kg – Exceeding the initial brief.

Ollin offers unparalleled reach from the compact design of the upper element of the ‘arm’ enabling the user further options to adjust the screen to their unique requirements. Furthermore, with the modular nature of Ollin’s head, coupled with its ability to support weights from 0-9kg, offers a future proofed solution to support technology from light weight screens, laptops, dual screens and in the future, tablets.

Ollin – A fresh perspective

A world first in monitor arm technology.