Ollin wins Good Design Award 2021, the first award for monitor arm in Japan.


Awards winning monitor arm Ollin, is our flagship that grows and evolves with its user as well as technology. Ollin can accommodate all kinds of monitors: thin and light, curved, single or dual, and also laptops and tablets. Ollin is environmentally friendly and cost-effective by offering high quality finish and 12-year warranty.

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The world’s first monitor arm technology – “Technical Cord”

The gas pressure structure used by most dynamic monitor arms in the market is not suitable for long term use, and not environmentally friendly, hence the world’s first ‘technical cord’ was developed to better support a weight range of 0-9kg.

Smooth and dynamic movement

Ollin’s smooth movement makes it easy for the user to control the monitor with the touch of a finger. The monitor can be rotated from portrait to landscape as desired, and touch screen support is provided by the low motion and large upward adjustment. This ease of adjustment will naturally improve a user’s working position.

Ollin sitting b

Future-proof technology

The Ollin Laptop & Tablet Mount can also be attached to create a dual screen setting for mobile or hybrid workers. Space, productivity and comfort are all easily maximized.

Ollin Laptop Mount options

Comments from the Good Design Award Judges

“For a monitor arm with gas pressure construction, which is not environmentally friendly, this is an excellent new structural solution for long term use. In a world where monitor performance is evolving and touch screen input is becoming more common, the range of motion and the interactivity to meet the needs of different positions is a great example of the ingenuity, innovation and exploration of the manufacturer. The result is a well-designed product that has been prototyped and refined to a high standard.”