Key Features

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Ollin Single

Unique, responsive and expertly designed, Ollin helps you interact with technology as seamlessly as possible. Ollin’s innovative technical cord means that it can support weights from 0kg up to 9kg. No other dynamic arm on the market can accommodate; tablets, monitors and laptops in this weight range.


Ollin Dual

A dual screen mount can be attached to the main arm, improving user productivity.


Extensive reach and monitor tilt

Vertical motion range – 367mm .

Ollin has market leading range of extension, height adjustment and levels of articulation meaning it can service a wide range of users. Ollin’s low-to-desk geometry and backwards tilt make touch screen use effortless.


Tool-free adjustment

Easy tool-free adjustment by means of an integral ‘thumbwheel’ adjuster. (an Allen Key Tool can be used if preferred). Arm must be positioned at maximum height when adjusting.

Cable 3 point system

3 point cable management

Integrated into a 3-point format creates a neat and tidy workstation.

Visual Gauge

Visual weight indicator

Indicator which helps the installer to set the tension of the arm to match the weight of the screen. Benefit from a time saving of 33% on large scale installations as you can replicated the recorded setting across all positions.


Friction adjustment(1)

Friction adjustable vesa plate

Portrait-to-landscape monitor rotation is factory-set for optimum performance, however if more friction is required this can be added by using the 2.5mm Allen key supplied.
Applies to the single Ollin monitor arms only.

180 stp

Intuitive 180 degree stop

By virtue of Ollin’s clever design, when it is retracted back there is no opportunity for any section of the arm to overhang the back edge of the desk.

Dual bar adjustment

Dual – Finger operated locking screw

This permits the monitor position to be ‘locked’ on the bar. The monitor is prevented from sliding out of position when the arm is being manipulated.The stability of the monitor is improved.


Dual – Adjust monitor tilt via thumbscrew

Tilt adjustment via a central adjuster knob (Dual bar & monitors tilt as a single unit). Avoiding the inconvenience of accidental angle misalignment between the screens.

ollin dual alignment

Dual – Fine Height Adjustment

Use Allen Key supplied with the monitor arm to adjust the height of each monitor. Permits accurate alignment of adjacent monitors.


Dual – Convert with ease

Replace the Single Head Mount with a Dual Mount Bar by simply removing the fixing screw with the Allen key provided. This provides you with the flexibility to convert back if your requirements change. Ollin boasts a range of front end accessories including a laptop & tablet mount also.

dual bar conversion

Reconfigure Dual from Cockpit to Flat Screen Formation

By switching over the monitor mount heads over you can switch the formation of the displays from Cockpit (out of box) to flat screen if preferred

Rotation Portrait Landscape

Portrait to Landscape – Ollin Single

Portrait-to-landscape orientation can be adjusted with fingertip ease.

fixed vesa

Fixed orientation vesa plates – Ollin Dual

The fixed orientation vesa plates which are supplied with the Ollin Dual mount bar prevents unwanted rotation and screen misalignment.

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Future proof your business

The technical cord that controls Ollin’s arm mean it can accommodate weights from 0kg up to 9kg. No other dynamic arm on the market can accommodate; tablets, monitors and laptops in this weight range.

A world first in monitor arm technology.