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Human centred design is at the heart of everything we do.

Award winning design

We strive for new ways to enhance user experience through the seamless connection of people and technology.

We like to be first

Founding Director Peter Bosson’s early ergonomic research with Italian computer manufacturer Olivetti laid the foundations for CBS design policy. Two of our proudest early accomplishments include designing and developing the World’s first monitor arm Gemini and World’s first flat-screen monitor arm Wishbone.

We create unique products for unique people

Flo, the world’s leading product of its kind is protected by 4 international patents, a record for any monitor arm. Likewise Cubert, our lighting and power device is one of a kind. There is no other product that can rival its combination of light, power, and USB in such a compact offering.


Enabling humans to interact with technology in an ergonomic and efficient way sits at the core of our very design principles. We believe in creating minimalist solutions that are sympathetic to their environment and adapts the technology to the users physical requirements, not the other way around.

Located in London with an international flavour

The in house CBS Design team consists of multiple nationalities working together as a close knit team. This collaborative approach and sharing of design influences drives each team member to greater levels of achievement, producing a portfolio of award winning products.

Just some of our awards

Award Winning Products

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