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Flo X Multi

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Taking large format and multi-screen support to new ergonomic heights

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Desk Fitting

Desk Fitting:

Desk Fitting

Desk Fitting:

Desk Fitting

Desk Fitting:

  • Supports up to 16kg
  • 12 years warranty
  • European manufacturing
  • Plastic free packaging

Frequently bought together

Flo X Spring Configuration Tool

Flo X Spring Configuration Tool

Required only for configuring Flo X to low weight range (3-9kg.)

Ondo Worksurface Mount

Ondo Worksurface Mount

Neat and easy access to data and power


Find the perfect multi-screen set up in moments

For those with a dual or triple screen workspace, you’ll find Flo X is extremely accommodating with the ability to hold two monitors up to 32” or three up to 27” with a combined weight of 16kg. What’s more, with dynamic functionality you’ll be able to achieve the ideal ergonomic set up in moments.

One single point for complete multi-screen adjustability

Flo X has been specifically designed to be as easy to adjust with two or three screens as it is with a single screen. One single tilt mechanism allows you to adjust all screens at once, so fine tuning the perfect position for all of your screens couldn’t be simpler.

Flat, cockpit or continuous curve

Easy side-to-side rotation also means you can effortlessly arrange your screens in a flat, cockpit or in a continuous arc of curved screens, creating a seamless single screen experience.

High-capacity cable management for a tidy workspace

Having multiple monitors needn’t mean a tangle of cables as Flo X has the capacity to keep them all neat, tidy and under control. That means no more wayward cables to snag and catch while adjusting screens and no more awkward body positions to rethread, re-plug and untangle them.

Taking large format and multi-screen support to new ergonomic heights

Tech Specs Technical Drawing Clamps & Fittings


For use where there is limited access to the edges of the desk surface.Can be completely disassembled to make installation easier. Fits desk thickness from 9mm to 45mm.


For use on desks with sliding worktops or where it is not possible or desirable to drill through the desk surface.Range of standard clamps to fit desk thickness from 12mm (½”) to 25mm (1”).

12 year warranty

All of our products come with a long-life warranty so you can feel confident in the quality of the product.

Plastic free packaging

We're striving to make all of our products as plastic free as possible, to do our part in minimizing our carbon impact.

British Design & Engineering

All of our products are designed and engineered within the UK.

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