Loop Micro White


With increased laptop use and a shift to cloud computing, IT departments are switching desktop towers for thin clients and laptop docks.

These devices aren’t just becoming more common, they’re becoming smaller too. Always ahead of the trend, we wanted to update Loop, our under-desk mount, so that it could accommodate these small format devices at an affordable price.

The process
To develop Loop Micro for maximum impact, we first researched small format devices on the market to understand the range of sizes and weights that we were catering for.
We discovered that although they’re called ‘thin clients’, there was actually a big difference in size, ranging from that of an old-fashioned pocket watch to a family packet of biscuits! And they varied drastically in shape too, from rectangular to more organic shapes, and everything in between.
Loop Micro needed to be flexible enough to mount a large range of devices, while making sure each one would be held securely, no matter its shape, weight or size. So we set to work exploring different mounting techniques. Basing our design principles on Loop, which successfully held regular desktop towers, we created a concept that used a similar method on a smaller scale.
And like all of our products, we put Loop Micro through a rigorous testing regime to make sure it would maintain our high standard throughout its lifecycle.
The result

Loop Micro securely holds thin clients, laptop docks and other small IT equipment under the desk. Made from quality engineering polymers, it comes with a 12-year warranty, is 100% recyclable and arrives in 100% plastic free packaging. Keeping up to date with ever-evolving workplace technology, Loop Micro frees up valuable space, gets rid of unsightly cables, and creates a safe place to store small format devices no matter what shape or size.

Loop Micro