All CBS products are designed for a long and durable life, but when a product reaches the end of its life we strive to ensure a minimum environmental impact and legacy.

We’re keen to encourage customers to embrace recycling whenever possible, so on this page you’ll find information on; Life cycle assessment, disassembly instructions and recycling partners for Lima.


At CBS we employ Life cycle assessment (LCA) to calculate a products’ total environmental impact and identify exactly where that impact is greatest.

An LCA considers the environmental impact the product has over 4 key phases of the products life. These are:
– Manufacture
– Transport
– Use
– Disposal


Disassembly instructions

Lima is relatively easy to disassemble, as it requires no disassembly rigs; minimal use of glue and its fixings can be operated with standard tools. All the plastic parts on Lima can be recycled and we’ve ensured that all key components have been labelled with plastic identification labels to facilitate easy sorting into material groups.

Recycling partners

To ensure our products minimise their environmental legacy after use, we source recycling partners with sound environmental management practises, suited to specific materials used within our products. Please get in touch so we can find your closest recycling supplier

Interested in finding out more about our environmental practices?