Ondo Connectivity Module


Laptop docking stations are a useful workspace addition.

They can connect a laptop to a monitor, the wired office network and other IT infrastructures with just one cable. And docking stations support easy charging too. The USB ports on the front are perfect for charging other technology, like phones and tablets. The problem is, existing laptop docking stations on the market take up space. And look messy. Making those USB ports accessible means keeping the docking station on the desk, with cables leading to the monitors and the office network wires trailing across the workspace. In an ideal world, the laptop dock could be integrated on to a monitor arm and hidden under the desk, while keeping the USB ports accessible. And so we started designing Ondo.

The process
We knew what we wanted our docking station to do. But we specialise in ergonomics, not IT. So instead of designing a whole new dock, we decided to pair Ondo with existing, proven technology. In the early stages of the development process, we focused on finding the right supplier so that Ondo’s electrical components would match the same high standard our products are known for.
Once we’d done this, we could get to work on designing Ondo itself. And when we were satisfied it could deliver everything we needed, we tested it to make sure this wouldn’t change during its lifetime. Physical drop tests… electrical testing of the cables and connectors… temperature and humidity testing, no stone was left unturned in our quest for perfection.
The result

Ondo delivers. It frees up desk space, removes cable clutter and keeps USB ports easy to access.
Because we understand that the world of IT equipment is ever changing, Ondo will be able to accommodate laptop docks for years to come. Its modular design means it can be updated to adjust to new standards if and when they change.
Designed to keep a tidy work environment as well as our wider environment, Ondo is engineered using 100% recyclable polymers, and comes in 100% plastic-free packaging too.
The perfect pairing for an existing dock to optimise laptop-based workstations has arrived. Hello Ondo.

Ondo Connectivity Module