Lima provides cost effective, ergonomic monitor support but we wanted to evolve the design so that it could support laptops, or a laptop and monitor combination too.

We already had a dual arm monitor support. And we knew how to engineer the best mechanisms to hold a laptop. Now we wanted to achieve both, while keeping the entry level affordability that Lima’s already known for.

The process
Designing high performance, low price products is always a challenge. So we focused on simplicity. Less complications. More efficient engineering.

We drew on what we already knew from designing Ollin Laptop and Tablet Mount. And by reusing existing prototype parts to build test rigs for our new Lima design, we made the process even more efficient. Which meant it was more cost efficient too.

Minimising the part count helped us minimise the end cost. And we never wanted to compromise the high performance our products are known for, so it was a fine balancing act of performance and price when we chose which materials to use for the parts.

The existing sheet steel platform for Lima Monitor Arm is stable and reliable. But because mounting a laptop is more complex, the new platform had to be longer and would use more material. We knew that this was necessary expense: the high performance justified its usage.

Another price versus performance challenge involved the adjustable laptop retainers from Ollin Laptop and Tablet Mount. They were ideal for our new Lima product, but their high quality was reflected in the price. Determined to deliver our usual high standard, we worked round this by sharing parts and increasing manufacture volumes so that we could use the best possible materials while keeping production costs as low as possible.

The result
The final product, Lima Laptop Mount, provides the best workstation laptop support at an entry price point. And, when it’s used with a dual set-up, it can position a laptop and a monitor at the right eye level to encourage good posture and reduce stress on the body.

Made to be affordable, made for good ergonomics and for longevity, Lima Laptop Mount has been tested to last a lifetime and comes with a 12-year guarantee. And, always thinking about the bigger picture, it can be disassembled at end of its life so each of its components can be recycled.