CBS consider the social and environmental impacts of the products that we design and produce. Wherever possible we adopt recognised best-practices concerning our product development, sourcing and management of the business.


Sustainable Design and Product Development

– Our products are durable and use high quality materials which extend their life cycle.
– We examine the material chemistry of materials and ensure that they do not contain banned substances.
– We consider the embodied energy of the materials during our exploration process.
– We maintain a data base of materials contained in all of our products, with data such as recycled content and any associated impacts.


Closing the Loop

– Designers are encouraged to consider ocean bound or recycled content in material selection.
– We promote disassembly and recyclability of products, components to ensure that materials can be kept in use at the highest value in line with Circular Economy principles
– Our packaging is designed to be efficient and we are working to phase out Single Use Plastics where possible.
– CBS works with a takeback partner to offer product takeback services for our leading products in the UK and Ireland.
– We will support existing products for a period of ten years after ceasing manufacture.

Reduce our Footprint

– CBS has a commitment to continuous improvement in line with the ISO 14001 standard.
– We aim to reduce consumption of key resources by our core business activities:
• Energy used in heating, cooling and lighting of our offices;
• Our consumption of water;
• Direct or indirect consumption of fossils fuels for power, the transport of people and goods in the provision of our services where we are able to influence these areas; and
• Reduce the amount of waste generated by our core business activities, specifically as a result of:
• Sales activities
• Back office (order processing, HR, Finance)
• New product development activities


People and communities

– At CBS, we value our employees and encourage everyone to grow and be innovative in their roles
– CBS is evaluating our supply chain for any significant social impacts
– As part of our design philosophy we work closely with suppliers to develop an appropriate fit between them and the product.
– We support the 10 principles of the UN Global compact covering Human Rights, Labour, Environment, and Anti-Corruption and ensure all suppliers and their partners adhere to these principles.