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Our products

May 1, 2024
Our products

Sustainable product design and material selection:

Longevity – Long-lasting products and timeless design

  • Circular design principles – longevity, disassembly,
  • Testing for longevity - ANSI/BIFMA X5.4 testing
  • 12-year warranty

Recycled materials – Products made from recycled materials is a key principle of circularity. By using recycled materials we help prevent pollution and minimise new raw material use and greenhouse gas emissions to promote planetary and climate health through circular practices.

  • Aluminium and steel are the most used materials in our portfolio and consists mainly of recycled content.
  • Finding new ways of leveraging new renewable materials, bio-based materials that offer quality and stronger environmental performance.
  • We set targets for increasing recycled content for new product developments where possible.

Circular design -

Second life program –

Packaging – Designing out waste is a key aspect of our sustainability strategy.

  • By 2025 we’re facing out single-use plastic packaging in our entire portfolio.
    • Case study about single-use plastic packaging and pictures needed.
  • Bulk Packaging – Led by our designers and operations, we’ve developed a new packaging design that allows us to design with less material leading to less raw material used, less waste and reduced carbon footprint.

Certifications – A key aspect of our sustainability framework is to provide leading credentials, certifying our products against stringent environmental standards and aim to always keep pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve to provide our customers with the best product experience.

  • SCS Indoor Advantage Gold
  • ISO14001
  • Declare label (will be switched out with MID’s)
  • Life Cycle Analysis

CBS Sustainability Commitment

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