Ondo – Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The Ondo module only works with a docking station (purchased separately from your preferred IT supplier.)

Ondo is compatible with single desk clamps of Flo, Ollin and Lima monitor arms

Yes. Ondo can be retrofitted to existing installations of Flo and Ollin when using the single clamp formats, and to the post-clamp attachment of Lima monitor arms.

No. Ondo is compatible with the single clamp formats only. Ondo is not compatible with dual clamps, through-desk mounts, grommet mounts, or Wishbone post mounts.

No. Ondo is not compatible with the Wishbone post mount of Flo Modular.

No. Ondo is not compatible with the clamp mounts of Flo Plus.

Ondo integrates with the desk clamp of CBS Flo, Ollin and Lima monitor arms. It is not compatible with any other monitor arm.

Yes. The Ondo module only works with a docking station (purchased separately from your preferred IT supplier

No. Ondo is not compatible with grommet mount installations.

Ondo’s pre-wired connection cables feature 2 x USB-A connections and 2 x USB-C connections. This makes Ondo compatible with any dock that offers USB-A and/or USB-C user connection ports. The number of connection ports available will vary from dock to dock.

Yes. Ondo doesn’t require all ports to be connected to function. You can connect the ports that are available both on the Ondo module and on your docking station. Any unconnected ports on the Ondo module can be blanked off using the rubber blanking pieces, to avoid confusion on which ports are connected.

The power and transmission rates available will depend on the specifications of the dock you are connecting to.

No, the only software that you’ll need is that which is supplied with your docking station.

This is highly unlikely. Ondo is a completely ‘passive’ installation. It contains no power supply and no electronic processing. It simply extends your laptop dock’s existing connection ports to a more convenient location and is therefore unlikely to have any effect on your existing IT installation.

The Ondo module has a cable bundle with a length of 1.3 metres. This generous cable length permits Ondo to connect to docks that are situated at a distance, for example at the opposite end of the workstation or in the low-height cable tray of a height-adjustable workstation.

Yes. Ondo is also compatible with docking stations that use a USB-A connector to connect to the laptop. If you need an extension cable for this however, you will need to source this separately as CBS only offers a USB-C extension cable.

Alternative suggestion: The optional Ondo Laptop Cable (used to extend the dock’s existing laptop cable if it is not long enough) is 1 metre in length and features a female USB-C connector on one end and a male USB-C connector on the other.

Yes. Due to the generous cable bundle length of 1.3 metres, Ondo can be used without issues on height adjustable desks, even when the docking station is placed in a low-height cable tray separated from the worksurface.

Yes. Though Ondo is primarily intended for full-function USB connectivity (i.e. power and comms) it can also function simply to transmit power from compatible under-desk USB charging sockets.

Yes. In situations where there is no under-desk cable tray (or if you don’t want to put your laptop dock in one) an alternative small format device holder can be used to mount the dock. The CBS Loop Micro Device Mount would be our recommended mount solution.

No, Ondo does not feature an audio jack socket. It was decided that USB ports would be the most useful and therefore most widely used – many people are already using USB headphones or headsets.
It should be noted however that if your laptop is connected to your dock via the laptop connection cable, you can still plug an audio jack into the socket of your laptop, offering a convenient desktop connection, even if no jack socket is available on Ondo.

Yes, this is the perfect situation for Ondo. Simply install Ondo to your CBS monitor arm and connect it to the user ports of your dock. You can now tuck your dock (and its messy cables) out of sight in the under-desk area.
If you wish your dock to remain on your worksurface however, then there is no real advantage to adding Ondo to your installation.

Yes, assuming the cable length is sufficiently long enough to reach from under the desk to on the desk, the Ondo module has the option for a cable to ‘pass through’ the unit using a proprietary integral cable (Max 6mm in diameter).