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Circular Design Principles 

For over 40 years, we've crafted durable, high-quality ergonomic products, epitomised by our iconic Gemini design from the 1980s. This commitment supports circular economy principles, reducing waste and minimising environmental impact by designing products made to last.

Recognising the importance of a circular economy, we've developed the CBS Circular Design Principles, integrating them into our product development process to enhance circular performance from the start.

1. Source Better Materials

Using sustainable materials like recyclable, recycled, and renewable alternatives is important in enhancing a product's circular performance, minimising waste, and ensuring effective recycling.

2. Material Optimisation

Optimising material usage to do more with less is key to reducing consumption and cutting our carbon footprint while maintaining quality and durability.

3. Carbon Conscious Design

Considering the carbon emissions linked to materials and processing, also linked to end-of-life recycling.

4.Design out Pollutants

Eliminating harmful substances to enhance reusability and minimise environmental harm.

5. Design for Longevity

Extending a product's valuable life reduces waste, conserves resources, and minimises the environmental impact by decreasing the need for frequent replacements and new raw materials.

6. Design for Adaptability

Ensuring products can adapt to evolving needs, supporting circular systems and reducing material consumption.

7. Design for Disassembly

Designing for easy disassembly to facilitate reuse or recycling, minimising waste.

8. Refine Circular Loops

Developing closed-loop systems to refurbish, recycle, and remanufacture products to extend the useful life of a product.

We are championing a sustainable future by embedding circular thinking into every decision-making.

Our 12-year warranty reflects our commitment to creating products that stand the test of time. We're dedicated to setting further targets to strengthen our commitment to a more circular economy.

Our Sustainability Pathway

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