Monitor Arm

Improve your ergonomic positioning and free up valuable desk space.

Article written by Nick Colvin


A monitor arm, or monitor riser, supports and elevates a computer screen, laptop or tablet. It typically offers better functionality than the basic stands supplied with monitors. How? By enabling precise positioning, portrait and landscape rotation, forward and backward tilt and a variable viewing distance.

What type of monitor arm is best for you

Thinking about what you need to use your monitor arm for, and what you’ll attach it to will help you choose the right one.

Dynamic monitor arms

The articulation and responsive movement of dynamic monitor arms gives users fingertip control of their screens. This ease of adjustment naturally invites better posture: because it’s so easy to move the screen to exactly the right position, users do it without even noticing.

Post mounted monitor arms

The reliability and adaptability of Post-mounted arms has made them a favourite among trading floors, financial institutions,control rooms and multi-media environments. The modular nature of these arms ensures that users are easily able to configure, add to, and customise to suit their unique working environment.


If you only use one screen, then a single monitor arm is perfect for you. The big question is whether a dynamic monitor arm or post mounted monitor arm is best. Key things to think about include where you’ll use your monitor, and what for.


As the amount of information we’reexpected to work with increases,the number of screens we use to view it is also increasing: for many people, working with two screens is now standard practice. This can increase immediate productivity, but it provides new ergonomic challenges.


If we can’t adjust our monitor, we adjust our own posture. We hunch, crane our necks and strain our eyes so that we can see the screen. In jobs where we have to sit in front of a computer for long periods of time, this can have lasting negative physical effects.

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