Monitor Arms


Unique, responsive and expertly designed, Ollin helps you interact with technology as seamlessly as possible.

Ollin Dual

Use one Ollin arm with a dual bar mount to enjoy all the unique features and benefits of Ollin in dual format.

Flo Plus Dual

Supports two screens up to a combined weight of 18kg in either cockpit or flat screen, with dynamic monitor movement.

Flo Single

The world’s leading monitor arm for single screen dynamic applications

Flo Dual

Use two Flo monitor arms with a specially designed dual clamp and enjoy all the unique features and benefits of Flo in dual format.


Entry level and cost effective, yet award winning ‘all-in-one-box’ monitor arm.

Laptop Mount

Raise the laptop off the desk to suit the height of the user whilst creating additional space on the desk.

Flo Modular Triple

Flo Modular is our most scalable solution and can be used to support a triple screen configuration in cockpit format for 22” screens or 24” screens in a portrait configuration.

Flo Modular

A scalable solution that can be added to easily, meaning a single arm can easily evolve to dual, triple, and multi-screen requirements.


Simple, space efficient monitor arm ideal for scenarios where using minimal desktop real estate is important.

Wishbone Plus

Support high-load screens and all-in-one PC/Monitors up to 24kg with an upgraded version of this design classic.

Flo Plus

A dynamic monitor arm for high-load screens between 8.5-18kg, this solution is ideal for iMacs and all-in-one PC/Monitors


The original flat-screen monitor arm providing variable height range and excellent usability.

Wishbone Dual Bar

Simple and cost effective dual screen solution that is ideal for holding two screens of equal size in position when they are not required to move.