Lima wins an IF Design Award 2020!

We’re delighted to announce that Lima has won an IF Design Award 2020.

IF Design Award 2020

The IF Design Award 2020 is an Internationally recognised design excellence award. Lima winning multiple internationally recognised awards from different juries reinforces CBS commitment to design and innovation.


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About Lima


Utilising a composite polymer to deliver maximum performance at an affordable price, Lima is a world first in monitor arm technology. Through innovative material selection, reduced environmental impact and conforming to our strict cycle testing policy, Lima achieves the same level of usability and quality CBS are renowned for. This composite polymer requires less energy to manufacture, less post-processing to reach the desired finish, and still offers the level of quality we pride ourselves on.


Lima offers full ergonomic positioning with the patented and user-friendly push-button mechanism that encourages user interaction & converting to dual screen is quick and easy with no need to remove the existing arm.

Lima is 100% recyclable and backed by a lifetime warranty, unlike many entry level monitor arms. We pride ourselves on leading the way in designing the new and Lima continues this legacy. From a patented, intuitive and user-friendly push-button mechanism that encourages user interaction, to an industry first in the use a composite polymer in its construction.