Creating the perfect ergonomic workspace anywhere

From a buzzing office to a quiet table in a favourite café, the way we work is going through perhaps its biggest transformation since the Industrial Revolution.

Whether we’re standing or sitting, sharing or focusing, talking or doing, the workplace in no longer defined as a place that we go, but as a space where we do. It’s an intricate mixture of people, tasks, locations and technical requirements that combine to make our personal workspace as distinctive as our own DNA.

With this more enlightened more flexible approach to work has also come a renewed emphasis on employee well-being, at the centre of which sits office ergonomics. Why? Because the array of devices and equipment we use at work now needs to adapt to our ever-changing individual circumstances – to help us do what we do best, wherever we are doing it.

Good workplace ergonomics is now more important than ever with the benefits felt not just in workers’ comfort and wellbeing, but also in the wider positive impact on productivity and creativity. Good workplace ergonomics is a modern day essential. What’s more, companies that invest in workplace ergonomics don’t just enjoy happier and more productive employees, they also feel the benefit in decreased medical costs and an increase in staff loyalty that this enlightened approach brings. Employees that feel valued will ultimately become more valuable.

Whether we’re working from home, office working, out-and-about agile working or hybrid working, we need the same thing – to work in harmony with our surroundings and the technology we use. And that’s where Colebrook Bosson Saunders comes in with considered designs that seamlessly connect people and technology. For every unique and personal workplace requirement, our products can make it happen easily, effortlessly and ergonomically.

And to help you specify CBS solutions, our latest augmented reality tool gives you the ability to display our suite of products on your desk; in real-time and at actual size. Gain an insight into how our products will fit in your workplace, as well as an enhanced understanding of their benefits before looking to purchase. All that’s needed is a compatible iOS or Android device. Click here to find out more