CBS was founded over 25 years ago by architects and designers Martyn Colebrook, Peter Bosson and Brenda Saunders. Right from the beginning, it has always been a unique blend of skills and professional disciplines.

One of our inaugural projects involved working with Olivetti to create Gemini, the world’s first monitor arm for CRTs. In 1999 this success was followed by Wishbone, the first ever flat screen monitor arm. Almost twenty years later, we’re still selling thousands of Wishbones every year.

An elemental part of our identity is our individuality. It’s what distinguishes us as more than just a company, and is what attracts people to doing business with us. CBS is still evolving and progressing. By building on what we already have, we retain our identity while appreciating that we’ve got a global presence. Our values were behind our initial success, and will continue to be behind future success too.


CBS are international designers, manufacturers and distributors of award-winning ergonomic products.
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What motivated Martyn, Peter and Brenda’s first designs still drives what we do today. Not just in our products, but in our people and the communities we’re part of too.


For us this means establishing new methods, always improving on what has come before, and creating new solutions to an increasingly diverse range of ergonomic challenges. We push for new ideas and new processes with the ultimate goal of enhancing user experience.


We’re passionate about solving ergonomic challenges. And we’re also dedicated to creating fun and exciting environments to work in. Our creative processes don’t start and end with a drawing. They flourish and extend from the initial pencil-sketch-of-an idea through to our sustainable manufacturing process.


The connection between people and technology isn’t the only one we value. From colleagues to members of our worldwide network of manufacturers, dealers and distributors, we focus on open communication. As a result of nurturing these relationships, our products have been installed in some of the highest profile international design projects in the world.

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“One day Martyn and I were hacking across the waves (windsurfing) and I noticed that my mast was loaded on a rubber ring onto the board, taking tonnage of load… and I thought; if we can harness that as a product we might have ourselves a versatile, lightweight, system to develop monitor arms…”

Peter Bosson
Founder / Engineer