Make yourself more at home

While working from home (WFH) was already a growing trend, recent events have dramatically catapulted it into the mainstream. What’s more, now that we all have acquired a taste for it, WFH is set to be an enduring trend. The only question is, where or what is your home office?

From the spare room and the kitchen table to the shed at the end of the garden, the more popular WFH becomes, the more loosely we define the term ‘home office’. While the benefits to well-being of working from wherever you find most convenient are plain to see, the downsides are perhaps not immediately so obvious. The flexible nature of our homes often means that our WFH workspaces are makeshift in nature, to which we and our office equipment must adapt. Clearly, the ideal situation would be the reverse – to set up our home workspaces with the right equipment that adapts to us.

The result is that for many, our remote working set up isn’t remotely working for us. Which is precisely where Colebrook Bosson Saunders with our years of ergonomic experience can help. From dynamic monitor arms and state-of-the-art connectivity to the latest in sit-stand convenience, our products can help you find equilibrium and balance to help you be the most creative and productive while WFH.

Perfectly adjusted

Wherever you find yourself WFH, the chances are high that you will spend a good deal of time in front of a screen. Positioning that screen correctly is fundamental to finding the perfect ergonomic set up and a dynamic monitor arm is the key that will unlock it.

Effortlessly adjustable and available for a wide range of screens up to 49”, as well as dual and triple screen set-ups, our monitor arms will help you keep your neck and head in a neutral, balanced position. That in turn reduces the load placed on your spine, which decreases the chance of injuries and the headaches associated with poor posture.

The benefits of using a monitor arm don’t end there because by creating more space on your desktop it allows optimum mouse and keyboard placement for improved wrist and arm positioning and a better posture overall. Sitting with the right posture can also improve breathing and increase oxygen levels, boosting concentration levels and reducing fatigue. Your eyes will also feel the benefits of a perfectly positioned and tilted screen that eliminates glare and reflection, thereby reducing eyestrain and eye muscle fatigue.

Rising to the occasion

The convenience of home working does mean we tend to move around a lot less during the working day. With no office to roam around, no colleagues to call in on and our commute reduced to a few steps at most, we risk spending our day worryingly immobile. Worrying, because humans were not designed to sit at a desk all day. Then again, we weren’t designed to stand all day either.

Ideally, we need a healthy balance of the two and Monto, our sit-to-stand solution, is the answer. Lightweight and portable, Monto transforms a fixed desk into a height-adjustable workstation for standing and seated working, allowing you to reap the benefits of sit-to-stand working while WFH. Moving regularly between sitting and standing decreases muscle fatigue and pain, places less strain on your back and helps protect you from injury. Periodically standing and moving also improves blood circulation, which in turn is good for concentration levels and has been linked to a reduction in obesity, cardiovascular disease and type II diabetes.

Mobile Home Worker

The mobile home worker doesn’t have a dedicated workspace at home and is frequently on the move. Working in one location just one to three days each week for just a few hours a day. They need their work tools to be able to ergonomically adjust to their individual requirements quickly and easily in multiple locations.



Ollin with Laptop Tablet Mount

Flo with Ollin Laptop and Tablet Mount

Lima with Laptop Mount


Fixed Home Worker

Works at an assigned desk more than six hours a day for four to five days each week. The fixed home worker benefits from having their ergonomic accessories permanently set to their individual requirements. And by ensuring that they are also adjustable, they can be altered throughout the day to compensate for light conditions and different task requirements.