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Oripura – 100% Recyclable Folding Laptop Stand

Recyclability is an important principle of a circular, and more sustainable economy. It refers to the ability of a product's materials to be reprocessed and reused at the end of its life cycle. Instead of ending up at landfill, the material is transformed into new products, conserving resources, reducing waste and minimising environmental impact.

The early design stages are fundamental for ensuring circular product features. One prime example is our Oripura folding laptop stand, designed with recyclability in mind.

Design Challenges and Solutions

Ensuring a product's recyclability at the end of its useful life is crucial. The challenge with Oripura was to make it 100% recyclable without compromising functionality or aesthetic. Typically, products like Oripura use a two-part moulding process, mixing different materials, which complicates recycling. However, our innovative team found a solution.

The single moulding with live hinges is fantastic for circularity because there's only one component and one type of material, which means that the entire product can be recycled efficiently as one.

Launched in 2021, Oripura’s design ensures it can be recycled without needing to disassemble it and comes with a five-year guarantee.


Oripura has been honoured with the Good Design Award’s G Mark for its complete recyclability and sustainable packaging, which consists of a slim and plastic-free envelope.

We continuously explore ways to enhance the sustainability of our products.

Read more about Oripura here.

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